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20th ESVN Symposium - Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of the Nervous System in Animals

20th Anniversary - Neurology Symposium

This is the 20th annual ESVN meeting. Therefore, the 2007 Meeting is also an occasion to celebrate 20 years of existence of the Society.


Organisation: Marc Vandevelde, André Jaggy und Andreas Zurbriggen, Divisions of Neurology and clinical research, Department of clinical studies, Vetsuisse Faculty, University Bern

Date: 27-29 September 2007

Venue: Venue of the symposium: Congress Center, Sorell Hotel Ador, Bern, Switzerland. This is very close to the train station and the old town of Bern. All hotels selected for the meeting are in walking distance of the congress center.

Theme: Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the nervous system in animals. In recent years, this group of diseases has become an important theme in veterinary medicine. A number of new or re-discovered diseases such as the breed-specific encephalitides, emerging infections, zoonoses and spongiform encephalopathies pose serious challenges to our specialty around the world. Immune-mediated conditions of the nervous system appear to be on the rise. The last ESVN meeting addressing this theme dates back 15 years. The objectives of the 2007 meeting are to present state of the art reviews, to clarify the classification and case definition of the new inflammatory diseases, to highlight comparative aspects and to stimulate international multi-centric research in this area.

20th Anniversary This is the 20th annual ESVN meeting. Therefore, the 2007 meeting is also an occasion to celebrate 20 years of existence of our society


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PRE-CONGRESS Course in Neuropathology, 22-26 September
This intensive course for Pathologists, Neurologists and MRT Users is organized by the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies.
We negociated a special participation fee for residents!!!

  • Afternoon: Residents day:
    Prof. Johann Lang and Prof. Marc Vandevelde: Neuropathological interpretation of MRI findings

    Content: MRI-neuropathological correlations.A series of MRI`s of neurological patients will be presented and correlated to the findings in the same cases on post mortem examination at the macroscopic and histological level. A spectrum of inflammatory, neoplastic, vascular and degenerative conditions will be covered. These case presentations will interactive.

    Teachers: J. Lang, M. Konar, M. Vandevelde, A. Oevermann

    Where: Faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Bern. The exact coordinates will be announced soon on this website

    Time: 14.00 PM - 15.30 PM

  • Evening: Welcome party in the medieval city hall of Bern, which is located in the old town. We are guests of the Bernese government!

    How to get to the Residents Day Meeting

    State of the art presentations

    How to get to the ESVN-ECVN Symposium Venue

    Friday night: social dinner in the old town of Bern

    John Presthus - Best oral presentation given by an individual in a training program.
    Bayer Award - Best poster presentation given by an individual in a training program.


    Registration online

    Registration via fax

    Registration TypePrior to June 15th 2007After June 15th 2007
    Registration fee Non-MembersEUR 160.00EUR 250.00
    Registration fee ESVN MembersEUR 130.00EUR 200.00
    Registration fee ResidentsEUR 90.00EUR 140.00
    Gala dinnerEUR 60.00EUR 65.00

  • In the event of a cancellation received less than 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the conference starting, a no-show situation or a cancellation during the conference, no refunds will be granted.
  • Cancellations made more than 6 weeks before the conference start date will receive a full refund minus ? 35 administrative costs.


  • Sorell Hotel Ador*** (Symposium location) - limited number of rooms!
    Laupenstrasse 15, CH ? 3001 Bern
    Phone: +41 31 388 0111, Fax: +41 31 388 0110, Email: info@hotelador.ch

  • Other hotels in walking distance of the Symposium location


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